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Rosane Viegas holds a degree in Civil Engineering and currently works as a sculptor and printmaker. In the art, he was self taught and had as masters Pedro Fogaça - drawing, watercolors and living model (1994/1996) and Marco Rossi (1997/1999) painting on canvas. She began modeling in 2002 in the atelier of the sculptor Israel Kislansky and some of her works are awarded in the USA. In 2011 she learned metal engraving in the ECA Extension Course and fell in love.

 Researching, reading, studying and experimenting developed sustainable techniques in metal engraving such as electro gravure (technique unknown in Brazil), as well as developing techniques in conventional engraving as if making transparencies in etching.

She studies and develops monotypes and sustainable engravings on etching and other materials.  She developed a colored monotype using as a matrix the packaging Tetra Pak, alone and along with other matrix as woodcut, etching etc. She currently manages Casa Tamarindo, an art Study and Residence Artistic in Sao Paulo – Brazil, where she develops her studies in engraving, sculptures and watercolor and teaches all these techniques.



2018  Art Studio Bazzini 15 - Milan/ Italy

2018  Participate in the Exhibition AMARRANDO OS CADARÇOS -  OVO DE PÁSCOA Exhibition - Taubaté/ Brazil

2017  4th International Small Etching Biennial Graphium -2017 Show - Timisoara/ Romania

2017  Show  Small Format 2017 – Dublin/ Ireland

2017 Commemorative Show of 30 YEARS OF XILOGRAPHY MUSEUM – CAMPOS DO JORDÃO – SP/ Brazil

2017 Divergent Ink: Black & White – Akron – Ohio/ USA

2017 Small Forms  2017  -  Black Church Print Studio – Dublin/ Ireland

2017 6ª edition of Design Weekend - BIBLIAPSA – São Paulo/ Brazil


2017  3 of her woodcuts are part of the permanent collection of the XYLOGRAPHY MUSEUM - Campos do Jordão/ Brazil

2017 The Invisible the Visible of the Contemporary Millenarian - OAB - Collective Exhibition of Engraving - São Paulo/ Brazil

2017 Individual Show - Bodies at Taubaté Shopping Center – SP/ Brazil

2015 Collective Exhibition - In the Red -Shopping Center Continental - SP/ Brazil



2014  7th. Exhibition of Prints for Peace - Monterrey, Mexico / Prints for Peace - São Paulo/ Brazil.

2012  Map of Influences Project - São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Porto Alegre/ Brazil

2010 10th Exhibition of Engravings in the Parque da Água Branca - São Paulo/ Brazil

2010 / 2011 Fine Arts show - Plano Texas/ USA

2005 X International Circuit of Brazilian Art - Recoleta Cultural Center - Buenos Aires/ Argentina

2003 Viridian Artists in Blue - New York/ USA

2003 Santander Banespa Cultural Space - Individual Exhibition - Way to Infinity - São Paulo/ Brazil

2003 VIII International Circuit of Brazilian Art -  Sculpture modality with the Madeleine Work - São Paulo/ Brazil

2003 Canning House Gallery - Brazilian Paintings - London/ England

2003 The Casa do Brasil - Exhibition of Brazilian Art - Madrid/ Spain

2003 The UCCLA in Lisbon - Brazilian Art Exhibition - Lisbon/ Portugal

2003 The Palais Palffy - Brasilian Paintings - Vienna/ Austria

2003 Palazzo Dora Pamphili - The Best of Contemporary Art - Rome/ Italy

2002 Viridian Artists in Chelsea - New York/ USA

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